best‐in‐class corporate practices

Corporate responsibility is at the forefront of our businesses, with a sustained commitment to good environmental, social and governing practices.

A number of our businesses operate in regulated industries, meeting the requirements of the FCA, SRA and Propertymark.

Corporate Responsibility

Our focus

Our rounded approach to corporate responsibility focuses on our people,
our processes and our services. It is founded on the following three pillars.


Our policies and people seek to reduce our everyday operational ecological footprint, from minimising the consumption of energy and natural resources to maximising the use of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.


We are committed to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, providing access to career development based on meritocracy, supporting our people in their charitable work, and being philanthropic as a business.


Transparency is key to us, both externally and internally. We make good on our promises and ensure that our workplace is a positive, safe and fair one for all.

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