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Property upkeep: Getting ready for the autumn and winter

Property upkeep: Getting ready for the autumn and winter

At Gateway, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to property maintenance, from repairing any minor structural damage to making sure pipes are lagged in communal areas. Here are a few tips from our facilities team to help you stay warm in the colder months and avoid any unpleasant surprises or unnecessary repair bills.

The face of property maintenance 
Lee O’Neill, Gateway Facilities Management

The face of property maintenance 
Lee O’Neill, Gateway Facilities Management

Supervising Gateway’s own facilities management team is Lee O’Neill’s day job. Problem-solving and ensuring any property issues are fixed quickly are two aspects of the role he enjoys most. Outside of Gateway, former Army soldier Lee is often found training for a physical challenge. Trekking for three weeks to reach Everest’s base camp is next up, all for a charity supporting a Gateway colleague.

Spotlight: Property Upgrade service

If your rental property is underperforming as an investment, Gateway Residential can help – from adding a lick of paint to overseeing a complete refurbishment. We have broad experience advising on, and project managing, building works and property refurbishments, as well as furnishing and equipping homes. Clients save time and money through our network of proven tradespeople and contractors, and the highly competitive estimates we obtain.

Welcoming new Gateway people: Supporting our customers and clients

We’re delighted to welcome three new senior employees to the Gateway Property Management team this month.

Joanne Cox is our new Director of Operations, responsible for the procedures and policies that ensure we deliver a leading service – proactive and professional – across everything we do. Kelly Ivory-Empegliazzo and Stuart Coe, AIRPM, join the business as Senior Property Managers. They bring a wealth of industry experience to the Gateway properties in their portfolios. We’d like to wish Joanne, Kelly and Stuart all the best in their new roles. It’s great to have them as part of the team.

Cutting out condensation and mould: How best to ventilate and heat your home

Cutting out condensation and mould: How best to ventilate and heat your home

As autumn falls upon us, now’s a good time to take look at our guide on condensation and mould growth. You’ll find details on the causes of these common property issues, alongside some straightforward cures.

In most cases, the solution for misty windows is ventilating and heating your home properly. Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air turns to liquid (condenses) on a cold surface. Besides windows, water droplets are also typically found on walls, tiles, concrete floors and the exterior of toilet cisterns. Gateway’s property guide explains why condensation happens and, as a consequence of condensation, mould grows. You’ll also find a range of practical solutions, from opening the windows during ironing to keeping lids of pans when cooking and making sure you run the heating for at least a three-hour block at a time.