Supporting developers as a strategic property partner

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Property Developer Services

Over decades, we’ve built close working relationships with a number of the UK’s leading housebuilders, as well as regional and local developers.

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Developers benefit from our integrated property solutions and seamless services. With Gateway, one contact can support your wide-ranging requirements, from the outset of a development to sales, lettings and day-to-day property management.

The Gateway Group of companies is well established and highly respected in the property sector. When purchasing ground rents, housebuilders trust us with their corporate reputations. Through Gateway Property Management, a leading provider in the UK market, we take care of leaseholders’ interests as well as those of our direct clients.

Supporting property developers

Your strategic property partner

We provide property developers with valuable support in a number of key areas, including:

  • structuring leases to enhance values without adversely affecting sales
  • purchasing freehold ground rents quickly and efficiently
  • managing every ground rent, looking after the interests of leaseholders and safeguarding developer reputations
  • rescinding pre-existing contracts to enable bulk sales to an RSL or Buy-to-Let Investor
  • training front-line sales teams on service charge obligations
  • advising on a range of property related matters, from legacy issues to Residents’ Management Company incorporation
  • preparing comprehensive service charge budgets
  • taking care of residential lettings
  • introducing developers to property investors